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TEDxYouth@Hewitt 2014 Press Release

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend TEDxYouth@Hewitt

Were you wondering why TEDxYouth@Hewitt is such a great event to attend? Do you need something to do on November 15, 2014? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should go to TEDxYouth@Hewitt!

  1. Amazing speakers who all view the theme “Worlds Imagined” differently

  2. Make new friends/connections

  3. Learn something new

  4. Be inspired

  5. See phenomenal musical performances

  6. Participate in a conference that’s part of a global conversation

  7. Change the way you view the world

  8. Discover something new about yourself

  9. Chat and get to know the speakers

  10. Gain a better understanding of the “World Imagined” Theme
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Why Curate TEDxYouth@Hewitt?

TEDxYouth@Hewitt is an annual event for high school students, curated by high school students.  So who are the 2014 TEDxYouth@Hewitt student curators, why do they work on the event, and what kind of world do they imagine?
Paloma (Head Student Curator)
Why curate TEDxYouth@Hewitt? I curate TEDxYouth@Hewitt to create a platform to spread creativity and inspiration.
I imagine a world… 
in which everyone looks for unchartered territory.


Grayson (Student Mentor; 2013 TEDxYouth@Hewitt Head Student Curator)
Why curate TEDxYouth@Hewitt? I curate TEDxYouth@Hewitt because it is my favorite Hewitt event and it brings together students from around the city to teach them the kinds of lessons they can’t learn in the classroom.
I imagine a world…
where generations become more and more accepting of one another.

Jessie (Assistant Curator)
Why curate TEDxYouth@Hewitt? To show our community all the endless possibilities you can have if you just set a goal and believe you can achieve it.
I imagine a world…
where everyone is truly free, in every sense of the word, to express themselves in any and every way possible.


Christina (PR Curator)
Why curate TEDxYouth@Hewitt? Because my goal is to inspire the people within the community with the speakers we bring in.
I imagine a world… 
where everyone is able to leave their mark.



Adrien (Design Curator)
Why curate TEDxYouth@Hewitt? Because I enjoy getting a glimpse into other people’s interesting lives!
I imagine a world… 
where everyone respects and appreciates each other more.



Ruby (Sponsorship Curator)
Why curate TEDxYouth@Hewitt? Because I have attended this event for the past 2 years and I wanted to be one of the forces behind organizing such an amazing and interesting event.
I imagine a world… where people could lighten up over the tiny things.

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World’s Imagined – According to Paloma

I’m Paloma, this year’s TEDxYouth@Hewitt Head Student Curator, and I have been involved in organizing this event for the past two years. This year’s event is especially special because it is the fifth annual TEDxYouth@Hewitt. I am extremely proud of the work my peers and I have done to make sure the fifth year is innovative, inspiring, and impactful. The team is hard at work creating a diverse speaker lineup and getting all the details of the day planned out.

Just a reminder, since 1984 the non-profit TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), has worked globally to inspire and spread ideas through TED Talks, then grew with the establishment of licensed independently organized TEDx events. TEDx Youth Day events will be held across the world this November focusing on the theme “world imagined.”

At TEDxYouth@Hewitt on 11/15/14, we’ll ask our speakers “WHAT IF?”  What if our world were different?  We can’t wait for you to hear the perspective of all of our speakers as you begin to imagine your own world.  At TEDxYouth@Hewitt this year, you’ll hear from Matt Wilkins, co-founder of Pedal Forward, who imagines a world in which kids in developing countries are not prevented from getting an education based on distance in which they have to travel to school, and Michelle Joni, founder of the Skipping Club, who imagines a world in which people can create a more creative community by getting others to go back to their roots, to skip, and many more. Each of the speakers has their own unique world imagined.

Our speakers have distinct goals and incredible accomplishments. As they spread their ideas, we hope to open up your mind and help you imagine what your perfect world would look like.

Get inspired! Join us on November 15th, 2014!

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“You’re going to fail. You have to adapt to failure. Be creative.”


By Samantha W.
TEDxYouth@Hewitt PR Curator and TEDxYouthDay Reporter

I was a TEDxYouthDay Reporter for TEDx. My school, The Hewitt School, hosted its own event, and I was able to help plan and report on it. Check out the @TEDxYouthHewitt Twitter feed, which I tweeted from 80 times throughout the day of the event! Here is my summary of the day, a quote from speaker Brent Comstock and a quote of mine that TEDx re-blogged:
Imagere-blog from TEDx

“You’re going to fail. You have to adapt to failure. Be creative.” Such were the wise words of college student Brent Comstock, one of the many inspirational speakers at the 4th annual TEDxYouth@Hewitt event this weekend. Following the international theme of “What’s your spark?” we decided to break the speakers up into four different sections: Spark, Ignite and Flame. There are so many steps to making something happen. There’s the spark (the idea), ignite (the action you take to carry out your ideas) and flame (how you share it with other people). Our speakers shared how their sparks have grown from their own minds into companies, passions, careers and personal achievements and how their success has influenced and motivated the people around them.

Fashion blogger and Hewitt alumnae Sydney Sadick opened up the day with a speech about the summer program that inspired her to start a blog and how she overcame criticism, taking inspiration from her mother and focusing on finding herself through her passion. Two more Hewitt alumnae, Sofia Stafford ’13 and Alexandra Wexler ’06, also took the stage. Sofia Stafford is particularly inspired by Women’s Rights, and she told us about her work with Girl Up. Alexandra Wexler, a writer for The Wall Street Journal, shared the importance of storytelling and how it gives her the opportunity to give voices to people who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity.

For some people, finding that spark requires a way to express yourself. Poets Malcolm Wicks and Darren Arthur performed poems with both breathtaking and funny lines that moved the audience. James Parris, a visual effects artist, talked about how he gained his inspiration from watching cartoons as a child and expressing himself through his own sketches.

To spark an idea you have to dream big. Austin Diamond, a young entrepreneur, made clear that we shouldn’t be afraid to go after our dreams. “If you’re doing what you’re really passionate about, then you can never really be wrong,” he said. Actor/Producer Jon Lee Brody offered an important look at success, explaining that it’s a lot more jumbled and twisted than we think.

Kindness can take you far. Relationships and communications expert Rachel DeAlto and Human Rights Advocate Jessica Greer Morris both presented on the power of kindness. “Lift someone up,” said Rachel DeAlto, “send them a text, a tweet or a message – let them know how awesome they are.”

Perhaps one of my favorite talks of the day was Justin LeBlanc, a Project Runway contestant whose collection was shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City and televised across the nation. Justin was born deaf, and he recalled the times as a child when he would bang on pots and pans, hoping to gain inspiration from a little bit of sound he might hear. Having the opportunity to speak with Justin before his speech, I can truly say that he is a very genuine and down-to-earth person with a great sense of humor. His lovely personality came through in his talk, where he gave the audience wise advice:  “The bigger you think the greater you will become.”

To sum up the event in a few words? As Justin LeBlanc said, “Inspiration is not something I can give you. It is already in you…you just have to find your spark.”

Go ignite the spark within you.

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TEDxYouth@Hewitt: A Global Conversation

TEDxYouth@Hewitt: A Global Conversation

By Stephanie Dore
TEDxYouth@Hewitt Faculty Advisor

Thank you so much for your support of the 4th annual TEDxYouth@Hewitt event this past Saturday, November 16th!  In planning TEDxYouth@Hewitt, the student curators (Grayson B., Paloma S., Alex B.W., Caroline H., Sammie W., Harley S., Adrien L.) and I threw around the phrase “a global conversation” a lot.  We used it to encourage you to attend, we used it to convince speakers to talk, and we used it just because it sounded cool.

However, I’m not sure it really felt tangible to any of us.  It was just something we said.  Now, 3 days after TEDxYouth@Hewitt, we’re beginning to realize that we really WERE part of a global conversation.

So how do we know?

  • TEDxYouth@Hewitt and speaker and Hewitt School alumna, Sofia Stafford, are the FIRST TEDxYouth event featured as a highlight by TEDx.   There were over 100 TEDxYouthDay events last weekend, in 36 countries, and of all of those events, TEDxYouth@Hewitt is the first event highlighted by TEDx.  Of the event, TEDx says, “At TEDxYouth@Hewitt, an impressive college freshman, Sofia Stafford, explained that 66 million girls are out of school now and 14 million girls under 18 will marry this year. She told the crowd, “It’s up to our generation to act–and to act now.” TEDxYouth 2013 Highlights | TEDxYouthDay
  • People watched and reported on TEDxYouth@Hewitt from all over the world! For example, Vajresh Balaji, the licensee for TEDxKidsRSPuram and a TEDxYouthDay reporter, tuned in from Coimbatore, India.  Check out this list of quotes he put together from our event.

Seems like the conversation is just starting!

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