World’s Imagined – According to Paloma

I’m Paloma, this year’s TEDxYouth@Hewitt Head Student Curator, and I have been involved in organizing this event for the past two years. This year’s event is especially special because it is the fifth annual TEDxYouth@Hewitt. I am extremely proud of the work my peers and I have done to make sure the fifth year is innovative, inspiring, and impactful. The team is hard at work creating a diverse speaker lineup and getting all the details of the day planned out.

Just a reminder, since 1984 the non-profit TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), has worked globally to inspire and spread ideas through TED Talks, then grew with the establishment of licensed independently organized TEDx events. TEDx Youth Day events will be held across the world this November focusing on the theme “world imagined.”

At TEDxYouth@Hewitt on 11/15/14, we’ll ask our speakers “WHAT IF?”  What if our world were different?  We can’t wait for you to hear the perspective of all of our speakers as you begin to imagine your own world.  At TEDxYouth@Hewitt this year, you’ll hear from Matt Wilkins, co-founder of Pedal Forward, who imagines a world in which kids in developing countries are not prevented from getting an education based on distance in which they have to travel to school, and Michelle Joni, founder of the Skipping Club, who imagines a world in which people can create a more creative community by getting others to go back to their roots, to skip, and many more. Each of the speakers has their own unique world imagined.

Our speakers have distinct goals and incredible accomplishments. As they spread their ideas, we hope to open up your mind and help you imagine what your perfect world would look like.

Get inspired! Join us on November 15th, 2014!

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