1 Week Away!

1 Week Away!

By Paloma S.

After months of planning, I can’t believe TEDxYouth@Hewitt is 1 week away! The curatorial team has been hard at work, from making goodie bags to planning speeches, and coordinating mics and lights, we are putting the final details together to ensure that the day will run smoothly.

At our dress rehearsal yesterday, Rachel DeAlto, Austin Diamond, Sophie Beem, and Austin Mitchell practiced their speeches. Whether it’s Austin Diamond’s Legos or Rachel DeAlto’s kindness that kindled their fire, we’re sure that these speakers are going to inspire you to join the search for your spark! The curatorial team was definitely inspired! We cannot wait to hear the other remarkable speakers, on Saturday, November 16th.

Hewitt’s very own tech team, Susannah M., Jamie R., Skye M., and Teresa M., were hustling to fix the lights and the sound to make sure that speakers were audible and seen at their best on stage. We even pulled out TED’s red dot (aka our red carpet for speakers!); we are all set to go!

Join us on Saturday, Novmber 16th from 10am- 3 pm!

Register at http://www.tedxyouthathewitt.org/register/

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